Abs exercises: What Should We Expect and What Are The Best Ones. (cont'd)

This page is about the advanced level abs exercises.

These exercises require a prior experience as well as an elevated level of fitness.

Their difference with the beginner and intermediate level ones are the diversity of equipment you will need to execute them as well as the different kind of mindset that is required to execute exercises with an increased level of difficulty.

If you belong to the advanced group, most of what has been mentioned so far is not new to you. However if you are a person that wants to take a look at the advanced level exercises, bear in mind that no one climbed mount Everest on their first attempt.

Abs exercises, like all other differnet body part exercises, include variations for everyone, according to their fitness level. Anyone who has ever reached the advanced level was once at the beginner level and worked their way up.

The most important and critical factor that everyone should remember about abs exercises is that ...."They cannot provide fat loss results nor 6 pack abs unless they are part of a complete, total body, workout routine."

The set of abs exercises that have been presented so far, as well as the next ones are merely a sample of the most common ones out there. There are many more from which one can take a pick.

That said, let's see the advanced level exercises:

Medicine Ball sit upUse the form of a normal straight sit up but rather than crossing your arms on your chest hold a medicine ball straight above your head. As you do the sit up up bring the ball down in front of you and return it back above you’re head on the way back to lying flatHaving your chin tucked in your chest. You need to have your head up in order to get the best possible workout without injuring your lower back.Medicine Ball
Bench leg curlLie on an inclined bench. Hold the top of the bench with your hands and bring your legs up while curling your hips so your legs will end up above your head.

If you want to make the exercise harder all you need to do is provide a higher incline of the bench.
Holding the bench with a loose grip, as your hands could slip, if they are sweaty. Inclined Bench
Cable crunchKneel with a cable column facing your back. Use handle straps to lift the column weights. Hold the handle straps firmly with your hands, as your hands are placed near and back from your head. Now as you hold the two handles bend to the front as far as you can go and go back in a controlled movement.Overloading the column weights.Cable column with handle straps
Exercise ball pull insPut an exercise ball behind you and place your feet on whilst you’re in a press up position. Now pull your knees in towards your chest, keeping them on the ball.

Make sure your feet stay on the ball; it is easy to lose purchase and your feet to fall off if you do not ensure you have them well placed.
Placing your feet loosely on the ball, as it is easy to fall off.Exercise Ball
Decline sit upsFind a decline bench and lay flat, now carry out a sit up as normal. As you are in a decline position you have to rise up further to gain the upright position making this exercise a lot harder.Decline Bench
Captain’s chairGet on a captain’ s chair and hold the hand holds in order to stabilize your body. Make sure your back is pressing the back pad. Now as your feet are hanging loosely lift them up slowly towards your chest and then let them fall back in the starting position.Having a loose body. This exercise needs a total control of the whole range of the move. Moreover a common mistake is to not press your back against the back pad.Captain's Chair
Mason twistSit on a cushy surface and put your legs in front of you. Interlock your hands and clasp them together. Now start to rotate your body from side to side making sure that:

1. Your legs are slightly off the ground for the duration of the exercise.

2. Keep your hips as stable as possible.

3. Try to hit the floor with your knuckles when you rotate from side to side.

Do as many as you can, rest and then repeat.In this exercise speed is your friend.
Having a round back as it will put a lot of strain in your lower back. Make sure you have a back posture as straight as possible.

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