Fat Burning Foods! Your secret weapons against Fat!

Fat burning foods are, probably, the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone decides to become more fit.

Why is that?

It's because the easiest place to start making changes is our kitchen, as it takes much less effort than hitting on the treadmill or lifting weights.

However, from my experience, so far, most people when they think about fitness and fat loss cannot realize that what they should be doing is to identify the best ways to speed up their metabolisms.

Most people, hasty as they are in their willingness to become better looking, take their focus off their metabolisms, and forget that a fast metabolism not only lowers the chances for fat storage but also facilitates the effort they will put in order to lose fat.

This is the reason why many diet specialists claim that the starting point of every effort should be to make appropriate adjustments in everyday diets.

That  is not only effective for successfully losing fat, but for successfully maintaining a healthy body weight after losing it.

That said, this is where fat melting foods come into play.

The best way that I have ever seen fat burning foods explained are through an extremely informational e-book by Mr Tom Venuto, which is called Burn The Fat Fee The Muscle.

What do we mean when we say fat burning foods?

They are the foods which naturally stimulate the appropriate chemical procedures in our body thus leading to increased metabolism and promotes fitness levels.

These chemical procedures are catabolism and anabolism.

  • Catabolism is the process which breaks down molecules into smaller parts thus releases energy.
  • Anabolism is the process which builds molecules from smaller parts thus spends energy.

The combination of these two and the balance between them is what makes or breaks our fat loss efforts.

I know that some people may find the idea of such foods as not a sound one and even maybe to the hoax side.

However, I must inform you that there is scientific evidence, as well as positive practical experience, that proves the effectiveness of using such foods for controlling our weight and staying fit.

For example, two studies examining the relation between the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and obesity, indirectly support the use of fat burning foods to stimulate our own Sympathetic Nervous System function:

  • One by a group of experts at National Institutes of Health, Phoenix (published in the Proceedings of the Nutritional Study, 1996 Nov 55(3):793-802)
  • Another one by the team led by Kevin P. Davy and Jeb S. Orr from the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (published in Neuroscience Bio Behaviour Journal, 2009; 33(2): 116–124).

The mechanism behind that fact lies in the different ways that food works in our body systems.

Some have the ability to suppress appetite, or stimulate digestion, while others boost metabolism or force the body to spend more energy.

Fat burning foods include, among others:

1. Foods that increase metabolism: like soy beans, oatmeal, tuna, salmon, poultry, low-fat yogurt, cider vinegar.

2. Negative calorie foods, like spinach, apples, oranges, cucumbers, onions.

3. Thermogenic foods like hot peppers, mustard seeds, black pepper, green tea.

The above mentioned foods are part of a list with 15 fat burning foods that I have created in order to make available to everyone, in just one place, a selection of foods I have found to be most effective and I believe that everyone should include them in their everyday diet. All of them assist in fat loss because they have very low calorie content and certainly they could complement a healthy fat loss nutrition.

Functional foods

Since functional foods have become a large proportion of our daily food choices, I believe it is only fair to attribute to them a key role in assisting most people's fat loss efforts.

However we should always keep in mind that it is always preferable to obtain that fat burning effect we seek from foods that are minimally, or better yet, not processed at all.

It should be noted that in the path towards a fat loss goal we should always keep in mind our overall well-being, without making choices that could potentially prove harmful.

For effective and long term fat loss, trust the world leader in Nutritional Cleansing.

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