About me - Alex

My name is Alex Xenos, I am 39 years old and I live in Greece.

My profession has nothing immediate to do with fat loss since I am a naval officer and my rank is Lieutenant Commander.

Of course since a higher level of physical ability is generally required in my line of work, indirectly, fat loss constitutes a subject that should be of interest to me.

However, the reasons behind the realization of this website, “The Fat Loss Choice”, although not really fancy, have more to do with the highlights of a story of a guy who became passionate about the secrets behind weight management and fat loss, rather than being obligated to be fit as an officer.

This passion led me to gather, or should I say devour, tons of both relevant and irrelevant information regarding the subject.

Most people’s goals are driven from some kind of a dream. The source of my goal however was not a dream but a fear which occurred to me when I was 25 years old.

That fear originated when a relative of mine had to be looked after, both during hospitalization and after that, for sometime. This relative was obese and everyone who was responsible for looking after him had a painstaking job to do due to his excess weight.

Simple tasks became extremely hard for people to perform. The difficulties that his close ones were facing were enormous. The source of these problems was nothing more than too much extra weight.

At that period of my life I was not particularly active, physically wise, and the scale was pointing to a steady increase of my weight.

That is when I decided I would never be like this because I would never want to put the people I love in such difficult position, should there be a need to look after me.

That incident really changed my life.

After taking this decision I started to observe people around me, relatives – parents – sister – friends etc, constantly making efforts to lose weight by starving themselves and after a while, when they could starve no more, returned to their previous weight state or even bigger.

At the same time I had become friends with people in the gym which seemed to do the opposite. They were eating larger than normal quantities of food and they had an incredible physique. I remember that they never said no to a beer or hamburger when we were meeting occasionally on a Saturday night or they never said no to a night out to a restaurant.

At some point these observations became questions which needed answers so I started digging in for information relevant to that answer. To make a long story short I have read ever since hundreds of books about fitness, nutrition, weight loss, the way our body functions and how our body reacts to certain triggers, along with several scientific studies. Everything was finally clear to me.

I had understood the big difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Am I an expert?

I would not call my self as a certified fitness expert, however I would call my self a guy whose opinion is based solely on experts (both fitness and medical) and when the experts are contradicting, then finds proper scientific justification to support the right claim. Moreover, I am a certified reflexologist and I have acquired a higher level of understanding of the human body functions, during my training and afterwards as I have treated several people, for various symptoms.

That’s it for the story behind my passion for fat loss.

However, putting my knowledge on a website was something I could never have done without the assistance of a great company, which showed me and it still does, how to do it successfully.

Sitesell as a company has been proven one of the most honest I have ever encountered in my years around the internet. It overdelivers without one single increase in their price for more than 9, as far as I am aware of, consecutive years.

I needed proof they provided it.

I need it information, they had a website that left nothing unsaid.

I wanted to make something out of my knowledge by working from home, they showed me the best way.

All in all, I believe I teamed up with the best company a totally newbie, like me, could ever ask for because on top of everyhting I have been getting instructions, suggestions and advices from a selection of hundreds of successful website owners.

I hope that by browsing through my website you will find easily the information you are looking for and actually learn what it took me many years and lots of money to learn.

My goal is to provide you with the necessary infromation in order for you to make educated decisions, from now on, as far as weight management is concerned.

Should you have questions or comments, you can use the contact Alex page. I am interested in whatever you have to say that would make my efforts more efficient and effective for everyone who visits this website.

I promise that if you need an answer I will provide it within the next 48 hours from the moment you submit your question.

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