Tips And Suggestions For Fast Fat Loss

Never let anyone fool you by telling you that the fast fat loss road to a lean fatless you, can be something different than the simple formula of combining a fat loss diet plan with regular workouts.

That is the unique path or road or even highway to that end.

However, there are some tips and recommendations for those who want to go a little faster on that highway and reach their destination a bit earlier.

What you will see here is the combined knowledge of many experts on the subject, which has been derived from years and years of practical experience as well as from relevant scientific studies.

Do not mistake them as different paths but as tips for gear shifting in order to increase your speed.

• Do not do what most uninformed people are doing when they want to change their looks. Do not starve yourself with a low calorie diet. Do not buy those “7 days for 10 pounds” ads or anything similar to this. Whatever results come from such efforts are only temporary, and when you gain back your lost weight it's all fat.

So, not only have you deprived yourself of much needed energy, but you have also taken a step closer to destroying your metabolism, which happens to be your only weapon against fat.

Put under close control you carbohydrate consumption.

The diet of a mean American or European person nowadays consists of at least 70 to 80% of carbohydrates, daily.

As opposed to what most people think as their greatest enemy, which are fats in general, excessive consumption of carbs is what leads us to fat accumulation and several diseases along with it.

Fast fat loss requires you to be fully aware of the nutrition value of what you eat. That way you will have taken the first step to a new you.

Eliminate saturated fats. According to the experts of Mayo Clinic, saturated fats increase our bad LDL cholesterol levels and elevate our risks of heart disease, a stroke, atherosclerosis and other related cardiovascular problems. Not only that, but saturated fats, although they contribute with the same amount of calories as other good fats, such as polyunsaturated or monounsaturated, they also help the disintegration of our metabolisms, which in its turn helps the accumulation of fat.

Add plenty fat burning foods like negative calorie foods to your daily diet.

Eat 5-6 times a day (preferably 6) and use smaller servings.

Divide your daily calories by 6 in order to create 6 equally loaded with calories, meals.

Eliminate fast food and carbonated drinks. Those are the most common sources of saturated fats, artificial sweeteners and many other unhealthy ingredients.

Do not eat unless you are hungry.

Drink plenty of water. The Institute of Medicine recommends daily water intake 3 liter for men and 2.2 liters for women, and the experts warn that dehydration can cause serious effects like muscle cramps, headaches, fever, severe exhaustion, and others.

Drink green tea and moderate amounts of sugar-free caffeinated drinks. According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., a specialist from Mayo Clinic, caffeine has properties to stimulate thermogenesis and boost fat loss.

Never skip weight workouts. Training with weight is not only an excellent way to fast fat loss but also to effective muscle building. Ted Lambrinides, a known American fitness professional and an exercise physiologist wrote in his book "Strength Training and Metabolism" that just 15 weight training sessions a month can help us lose 2 extra pounds of fat per month!

Do not forget about endurance training. Bill Geiger and Eric Velazquez, experts and writers for Muscle and Fitness magazine suggest using smaller weight and doing more repetitions as the best technique for endurance.

Use various types of outdoor exercise. According to Geiger and Velazquez, this is a powerful way to fast fat loss as it does not let our body adapt to a certain type of cardio training.

Look for opportunities to do outdoor cardio exercises. This can provide your body with extra oxygen and give you an opportunity to try some new cardio exercises.

Do not overload your body with physical activities and take time to rest.

To boost your motivation, use techniques such as visualization of your goals. An  example would be, for women, buying an amazing dress which is a size or two smaller. This could become an extremely strong motivational factor for fast fat loss.

Get a companion or hire a coach. This is a highly effective way to keep your motivation up and achieve success. A coach can be a person to be accountable to, and a partner can be a source of healthy competition to drive you in higher motivation to achieve your goals.

Keep your expectations low and get happy when you managed to achieve more. This can be a strong motivational factor, too.

Be determined and persistent, stick to your planned strategy and never forget that fast fat loss requires a lot of effort and military discipline.

Keep track of your goals and believe in your success!

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