How to create a Fat Burning Diet to speed up Fat Loss

A well designed fat burning diet might be the key factor that needs to be attended to, in order for any fat loss effort to be successful.

One question that quickly pops up into our heads is :

“What is a well designed diet and how can I design it for myself? ”

Let’s start by answering the first part of this question.

A well designed diet has to keep in mind a few basic things which are the constants in the equation of designing such diets.

First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that your body needs certain amounts of every micronutrient there is available.

That means that if a diet is based solely on carbohydrates or solely on proteins or solely on fat then it is doomed to failure, in the long run. Therefore, a balance in all three basic macronutrients is crucial.

The four basic elements of a successful fat loss diet.

1. Experts at the Food and Nutrition Board suggest, a healthy and balanced nutrition plan should include 45-65% carbs, 20-35% fats, and 10-35% proteins.

This is the general guideline under which most people fit.

Your ultimate fitness goal is the determining factor on how you will design your diet. By that, I mean that if you are an active athlete and you work out daily then you should reach the upper limit of carbs, in order to sustain, the energy needed for your daily tasks.

2. Every person on earth, depending on the uniqueness of his body and on his everyday activity level, has a calorie expenditure threshold over which he starts to gain weight.

Interpreting that fact you need to find what is your OWN calorie expenditure threshold, in order to be able to manipulate it to your favour.

Prior to that you need to know what your basal metabolic rate (bmr) is. These are two basic parameters, without which, you cannot plan a customized fat burning diet.

3. You need to feel comfortable with whatever diet you come up with. Feeling hungry makes you feel agitated, which by itself makes you emotional. Intense and negative emotions lead to uncontrollable eating, which will always underminenot only any fat loss effort but any simple weight loss effort, too.

4. Everyone needs to define, in a crystal clear way, the exact end state that he wants to be in. Missing that part is like missing to workout.

The 3 questions to ask yourself in order to design a successful fat burning diet.

You need to know where you want to go, in order to break this big goal in doable, smaller chunks of effort. One way to do that is by playing the game of questions and answers with yourself, on the following questions:

1. Do I want to gain weight, in order to become more muscular?

In other words do I want to get bigger?

If the answer is yes, then ask how many pounds bigger?(Do NOT be afraid to be exact in your goals)

2. Is my goal to simply lose weight? If it is YES, then how much weight do I want to lose? (Again, do not be afraid to be specific)

3. Is my goal to lose fat? If the answer is YES, then you need to determine how much body fat you will have at the end of your effort.

When you are done answering those questions ask yourself this final question: “Are my fat loss goals doable in a safe manner, in order not to jeopardize my overall health?”

That question consequently leads to another one: “How can I achieve my fat loss goals through a customized fat burning diet safely?”

I can give you a general rule, which should be followed, but as you can understand it is only a general rule which applies in most, but not all, people.

If you feel you need advice or you feel insecure about any of your decisions then get professional help.

The general rule is this:

“A target weight loss should never exceed the limit of 2 pounds per week.”

If you respect that rule, you will most probably be on the safe side. Again let me remind you that this is a generic rule which is applicable to most, but not all, people.

SIDEBAR:If there is any medical condition that requires a specific diet in order to overcome it, then disregard the information I give you and do as you are instructed by your physician.END SIDEBAR

Different diet approaches

Looking for, and selecting a fat burning diet, which is appropriate for a particular person can take time, but it is the best way to succeed, especially if such a diet is teamed up with daily fat-burning workouts.

Some people use an approach of a low carb - high protein diet based on red meat, fish, eggs and low-fat cheese. Although such diets have been found to assist muscle mass gains, therefore fat loss, there is still ambiguity both on efficacy and safety among the scientific world.

Other people use carb cycling as a different approach to their fat loss goals. This one is not widely known, but it is recommended by several professionals.

Lately, there is an increasing number of people worldwide that have seen significant improvement not only in their fat loss goals but in their overall health too, through raw food dieting. Although it is a rather extreme way of dieting, there are numerous people who got rid of, except their excess fat, other health issues like PMS, IBS etc.

The above mentioned methods to create a fat burning diet are only examples among many different approaches existing out there.

However by simply adding numerous fat burning foods to your daily diet is not enough to achieve your goals fast.

A fast result, which will be maintained in the long run, has to have one more factor attended, which is a fat loss meal plan for every day.

Regardless of the fact that it is recommended by professional nutritionists, one of the smartest decisions you can ever make is to get int he habit of eating smaller portions of  food 5-6 times a day, instead of consuming bigger portions 2 times a day.

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