Fat Burning Exercises: Super “bullets” in your “gun” against fat

Fat burning exercises are called those exercises that burn the most fat compared to other exercises.

What we will be sharing with you as far as fat burning exercises are concerned are nothing new or innovative to the world of fitness and health experts.

It is common knowledge.

However, such knowledge is common only to the people who partake in fitness schemes, and make sure that are updated with the latest info on fat loss and healthy leaving.

That said, the scope of this webpage is to provide to people who are not the most loyal fitness enthusiasts with whatever is considered to be the best of fat burning exercises towards a fat loss effort.

Categories of fat burning exercises

In order to be more precise in our descriptions, we have to determine the different categories under which, these exercises fall.

Bodyweight exercises

These exercises are extremely popular among people who are after toning and conditioning instead of gaining bulk muscles.

They are remarkably effective in assisting general fitness and should be number one choice for anyone who is at the beginner state.

The main feature of such exercises is that it does not require anything else but our own bodyweight; therefore they are handy to execute, inexpensive, and usually easy to understand.

Dumbell exercises

They are exercises that require the minimum possible equipment (i.e. dumbbells) with low cost and the ambition to be able, at some point, to increase the amount of weight lifting in order to bulk up.

They are used by both pros and amateurs for the same reasons, with different amount of weights of course, and they are an excellent way of training because they allow a natural body move during their execution.

Barbell exercises

Barbells are pieces of equipment you rarely find at somebody’s home, and usually people use them in order to execute exercises with a heavier weight load.

A heavier load targets bulking, although there are people who use barbells with lighter weights just as alternative equipment for toning purposes.

Even though they are extremely efficient in assisting bulking, they do not mimic natural body moves, therefore they put a lot of strain on the backs.

However experienced people can use them without the fear of injury as there are ways to avoid such injuries.

Kettle bell exercises

They are as efficient as dumbbells, maybe even more as many would claim, because they mimic natural body moves and they provide a total body workout effect with maximum fat loss effect.

Band exercises

Bands are considered by many people as a non challenging and inefficient way of training.

This is far from being true. Band exercises are fat burning exercises that hold the ability to put every muscle group in our body to the test.

The only thing that it is required is for you to follow the guidance of people who have the necessary theoretical background to take you to the next level of physical fitness.

I believe that if someone’s goal is to tone and condition and likes working out with them, bands can provide exceptional results.

Stability Ball exercises

Stability, or Swiss ball exercises are proven scientifically that provide a better workout to the trunk muscles. Specifically a study that was published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research [19(1):193-201, February 2005] concluded that the most effective means for trunk strengthening should involve exercises (especially back or abdominal ones) with unstable bases. Stability ball is all about performing exercises with instability.

Other exercises

In this category, I have put all other exercises, such as yoga, pilates or tai chi etc, that do provide that fat burning effect everyone is looking for, but in a more subtle and slow way than the above mentioned ones.

However, do not be mistaken that any of these, should you put your heart to it, will be a fair partner in this list of fat burning exercises.

Exercises that target certain muscle groups

Although I believe that exercises that engage more than one muscle group at the same time are higher calorie burning exercises, I cannot dismiss exercises that target only one muscle group at a time as they have been performed for many years with exceptional results to show.

So in order to provide a list as complete as possible, with the different exercise variations that exist out there, I have to mention them or even suggest a smart tweak to make them a bit more effective.

1. Abs exercises: Find out how a common misconception has purposely mislead millions of people spent their hard earned money on junk equipment. Also find a selection of the most well known exercises categorised in beginner, intermediate and advanced level along with what to avoid in order not to get injured.

2. Arm toning exercises

3. Chest exercises

4. Exercises to lose belly fat

5. Back exercises

6. Shoulders and arms exercises

7. Leg exercises

To find out more about the right ab exercises to burn fat visit www.hardcoreabexercises.com

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