The Am Pm Fat Loss Discovery For More Effective Fat Loss

Τhe so called am pm fat loss discovery is one of various strategies and techniques which have been found, studied and presented by specialists, in our battle against fat. Inspite of the fact that this strategy used to be a rather unknown one, lately it started gaining popularity because it seems to be quite effective as long as one decides to stick to it.

What exactly is am pm fat discovery ?

The main idea of this strategy is to use different exercise and nutrition routines in am and pm hours. As a nutrition routine we mean a routine which will assist us in developing healthy nutrition habits, and as an exercise routine we mean a routine which will maximize the effects of physical exercises and workouts.

The am pm fat loss discovery as such a strategy, has been incorporated in quite a few related fat loss programs while several packages are currently available in the market. Many people who have tried such an approach report achieving excellent results.

As far as nutrition routines are concerned those systems include recommendations on daily dieting, as well as 2 types of dietary support: one which should be taken in AM hours and stimulate fat loss, and another that should be taken in PM hours and have anti-stress activities. According to their owners these programs assist in speeding up metabolism, in improving body fat ratio, in reducing hunger without having unpleasant feelings, in increasing the effects of daily workouts and physical exercises and generally in improving our overall health.

As far as exercise routines are concerned my biggest advice is Just DO IT. Any time of the day is as good, to do it, as any. However, there are strong supporters of cardio exercising in an empty stomach in the morning. The scientific terms behind this strategy are two: Glycogen stores and Insulin

Glycogen stores are considered depleted after the overnight fast which means that by doing cardio on an empty stomach in the morning your body will find no glycogen for energy and will move to its fat stores in order to make it through the workout. That way you will burn fat instead of muscles glycogen.

Insulin is a hormone which interferes with the mobilization of body fat. In the morning after an overnight fasting period of 8 hours the insulin levels are very low therefore it will be easier to burn body fat.

The discussion for am pm fat loss discovery has been a long one among fitness specialists around the globe. There is also an opposite side to what has been mentioned so far especially as far as morning working out is concerned. The “opposition” raises the question of the elevated indications of the hormone cortisol which is a highly catabolic hormone which helps the accumulation of fat.

What is the scientific standpoint?

As it becomes obvious scientists had to become able to express the facts considering this matter. Therefore several studies were conducted which led to the conclusion that it is necessary to use different approaches to our morning and our afternoon trainings. To be more specific:

1. According to the findings of a research by Dr. Ufuk Sekir from Medical Faculty of Uludag University, Turkey, published in 2002 in the Journal of Sports Science, suggests that the effectiveness of the workouts is linked to our body temperature, and it is better to exercise when our body temperature is the highest that usually happens between 2PM and 6PM.

2. According to the findings of the study published in February 2006 in Muscle and Fitness, weight lifting followed by some cardio exercises after 6PM resulted in 3% muscle mass increase and 4% body fat decrease, compared to 1% muscle mass increase after the workouts before 10AM.

What is the fitness experts standpoint?

Most people who are professional athletes I believe stand behind the below mentioned statements.

1. Stew Smith, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, underlined in some of his articles that it can be very effective to split our exercise routine and use cardio and leg workouts in AM hours, followed by active weight lifting and power workouts in PM hours.

2. Experts in Club Metro Magazine point out, AM hours are actually not the time for power workouts as our strength maximizes in the afternoon.

My Point of View

I understand that am pm fat loss discovery and especially the morning is supposed to have a positive impact in:

a. Energizing our body

b.Helping us wake up in better mood and be more optimistic

c.Normalizing all metabolism-related processes in our body.

Even though the facts do not present solid proof on the superiority of am pm fat loss discovery but they rather present indications that is probably a better strategy to follow I believe that if professional athletes and bodybuilders are using this strategy they must know something.

In any case the final choice will be made based on our own individual needs and capabilities. Nothing is wrong as long as you finally hit the treadmill or the road and start exercising. That is all that needs to be done, ever.

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