The Advantages Of Using The Carb Cycling Diet Plan

Carb cycling constitutes a fat loss technique not widely known and used. However, people all over the world who have ever used this technique have testified that it is a method of eating which actually does produce fat loss results.

Let’s see how such an effect is achieved.

Everyone should be able to understand by now that in order to reduce our overall weight there is only ONE rule to be applied:

Consume less calories than our very own calorie intake threshold.

To follow this rule, an overwhelming majority of people hastily chooses a low-calorie diet.

However, despite their great efforts, calorie restriction does not always lead to desired results.

Moreover, there are adverse effects of low-calorie diets which include weakness, fatigue, muscular atrophy, psychological stresses and minor digestive problems, among others.In the worst case scenario, low-calorie diet fans can suffer from more severe side effects like developing gallstones, increased insulin sensitivity, eating disorders and gastritis.

What exactly is carb cycling?

It comes as an alternative to all these traditional low-calorie or low-fat diets. It belongs to the group of so called cyclical type diets and is considered one of the best techniques to help reducing body fat and staying fit.

Its concept has been used for decades by professional bodybuilders and those who knew their way about in the world of healthy lifestyle and fat loss.

The idea is pretty simple: Carbohydrates as a basic micronutrient is the main energy provider of our bodies. Fluctuating our carb intake is a way to confuse our metabolism in order to prevent it from becoming “lazy”.

The plan dictates that your diet should include carb down (CD) days and carb up (CU) days. Like most of other nutrition plans, carb cycling diet has variations and it can be adjusted for the specific needs and personal requirements of an individual, taking into account such factors as the current body mass, lifestyle, health condition, habits, and so on.

How to use carb cycling.

The simplest way to use this method is the following pattern: 1 CU day and 1 CD day, so one day you eat the foods high in healthy carbs (like whole grains, beans, potato, fruits, nuts, oatmeal, brown rice, vegetable salads and so on), and another day you eat a low-carb - rich in protein - diet (like lean meat, poultry, fish and so on).

Alternatively it is possible to use a 3-day cycle of low, moderate, and high carb foods, or cycling through high-carbs, low-carbs and no carbs days.

Moreover, it is possible to choose a more complex approach and combine CD or CU days with low-protein or high-protein diet options. Trying all kinds of combinations will give a chance to find out what would work best for every particular person.

How is it different than any other low carb diet.

The “zig-zag” effect of this method compared to a conventional low carb diet has the following advantages:

1.It allows your body to stay energised as it does not deprive your body of much needed energy.

2.Frees you from a constant feeling of hunger which is usually followed by mental discomfort such as feelings of being deprived of something, being dependent on something, being discontent or generally being unhappy and other sorts of mental discomfort.

3. It is better in helping you maintain your muscle tissues and speed up your fat loss effort.

4.It holds the possibility to provide your body with all the essential nutrition elements it needs in order to eliminate the risks of other health problems.

5. It will assist you in shedding the last stubborn fat around your waist, especially if you feel that you have hit a plateau.

There is a great deal of positive reviews and encouraging online feedback from people who have tried using carb cycling diet and have found it working wonders for them. Especially at the moment the body gets used to this simple cyclical routine, results are coming faster.

A great source of information concerning the details of the carb cycling diet can be found here, where the world known author and natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto goes into more detail in the effectiveness of this method.

All in all we should keep in mind that no specific diet routine, being different from the one we were used to follow, is easy.

However for those who have dedication, willpower and discipline to follow the carb cycling routine and do what it takes, they stand a good chance of making their body start using their fat deposits thus making their effort a successful one.

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