Fat Loss Meal Plans : An Important Step Towards Fat Loss!

Most people have a tendency to forget to introduce fat loss meal plans in their overall effort to become leaner by losing fat.

They follow basic rules of a healthy and balanced nutrition such as avoiding consuming white carbs, saturated fats and artificial sweeteners, consuming plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and avoiding eating 3-4 hours before the bedtime.

This tendency comes naturally because no one really ever explained in detail why a meal plan is actually needed in the first place and how to make one that fits our individual needs.

Let’ look at it step by step.

Why is a fat loss meal plan such an important step for anyone who sets a fat loss goal?

The answer lies in the habits we choose to have on a daily basis. That means that most people, without any kind of planning, eat once or twice a day, large portions of food which usually lacks the required quality.

When we do that, our body, for the time that we remained without food, gets into starvation mode which means that it tries to spend as less energy as possible for its basic functions, thus preparing for a long period of starvation.

Human bodies have been working like that for ever.This is a behavior curved at our dna’s, because in the ancient times food was not abundant as today and humans had to face long periods of undergoing without it.

Human metabolism is programmed to sustain such a condition by getting into starvation mode.

What is starvation mode?

When we say starvation mode we mean a very natural yet unconscious procedure, that takes place within our bodies when the calorie intake daily ryhtm drops in such levels that their only source of energy is body fat stored within them.

Therefore the body tries to increase the fat stored within it in order to be able to cope with the next starvation period that lies ahead of it.

Not only our bodies do that but they also discover the quickest source of energy to sustain their functions in its own muscles.

That cycle is a vicious one which keeps increasing our body fat percentage and decreases our muscle mass day by day thus changing both our health and our physiques to the worse.

How to stop starvation cycle!

There is only one way to break this starvation cycle. It is to create fat loss meal plans which never permit the body to be tricked into a starvation mode. Why is that happening?Because these meal plans make sure that you eat 5-6 meals a day therefore providing the necessary amounts of energy at the right time.

Personally I would suggest a 6 meal per day plan because that way you also make sure that your glucose levels are kept where they should be, provided that your diet consists of food that is suitable for fat loss and not just any diet.

Most people fail to make such fat loss meal plans because there simply is not enough time for that.

This is a true argument for most of us. However we have to admit that our lives are evolving in such a way that we almost never can seem to find the time to do something for ourselves. That is a self-destructive approach to life and i believe that we must try to make time to, at least, become leaner this healthier. That way we can be around longer and with more endurance and energy to provide our services to our loved ones.

Based on that, I know that a great way to make time is to learn how to make fat loss meal plans.

My own Fat Loss Meal Plan for everyone to use.

My job here is to tell you the way I made it in order for you to follow if it is suitable and also to provide you with other alternatives on how it can be done.

I used the 6 meal per day plan for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Everyday I leave my house for work at 6:45 am and return at 5:30pm. My meal plan was the following:
06:30 : Breakfast

09:30 : Snack

12:30 – 13:00: Lunch

15:30 – 16:00: Snack (This is a meal before working out )

18:30 – 19:00: Snack (This is a meal after working out)

21:30: Dinner

Given the fact that I generally go to bed at about 12- 12:30 am , I also provide a 3 hour space between my last meal (aka dinner) and the time I go to bed, which is a routine which most people shzould learn to use in order to let their digestive system rest for the night and let the body recuperate from a long and tiring day.

The secret which makes my fat loss meal plan easy to follow is this:

I have decided that 4 out of the 6 meals a day would be the same everyday thus freeing a lot of time trying to figure out what to eat and when. Breakfast and the 3 snacks, although they are choices of preference, they are consistently the same.

If at some point I need a change, then I introduce a new snack.

On that meal plan, the only time consuming meals are lunch and dinner which need to be prepared on the day before, in order for me to be able to carry it in a plastic pot, so I can eat it at work.

Bear in mind that every meal should only consist of fat burning foods and all 6 meals added together, should either reach our calorie threshold or create a safe calorie deficit, in order to help us get to our fat loss goals.

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