Why Green Tea Fat Loss-wise, is Worth the Daily Hassle?

Green tea fat loss oriented research, for humans, used to be rare, compared to the extensive research that green tea has undergone in order to prove its efficiency in dealing with several diseases, like cancer or heart related diseases, in a natural way.

However, fortunately, in the last 8 years green tea has been researched for fat related results in humans, with conclusions nothing less than impressive.

What does Science has to say?

Although there are more than 10 related studies to mention on the subject I decided to mention two, which I think represent best the green tea capabilities, fat loss-wise.

Firstly, a study which was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (January 2005 vol. 81 no. 1 122-129) has lead to the fact that after 3 months of consuming green tea and weight loss was almost double in the green tea group than the control group and fat loss, BMI and waist circumference had been significantly lower.

Another study published in Journal of. Nutrition ( February 2009 vol. 139 no. 2 264-270) has lead to the conclusion that green tea consumption along with a regular exercise schedule, for 3 months, has significantly lowered total abdominal fat and subcutaneous abdominal fat in the test group.

What is the best green tea fat loss form that delivers the results?

The common denominator in all these studies is the amount of the ingredient catechins which is present in the beverage or liquid supplement.

In both studies the test groups were given green tea for fat loss containing 690mg catechins in it.

Therefore what we need to do in order to enjoy results similar to the two test groups is to ensure we get enough of that green tea fat burner ingredient, catechins, in our daily intake.

Although the quality and the catechin content of green tea varies depending on the amount used and its steeping time, a general rule of thumb would be to drink at least 4 cups per day.

Personally I prefer using specific liquid green tea fat loss supplements that contain the amount of catechins needed for the wanted result.

The reason I prefer the supplement solution rather than the beverage itself is that I trust more the company that produces the supplement as it is regulated by federal or state institutions, while the companies that produce green tea fat loss bags do not even bother to refer to the amount of catechins per tea bag.

On top of using the supplement, in liquid form always, I enjoy a cup or two of green tea a day instead of drinking coffee, as everybody else.

This way I am certain that I am receiving the proper amounts of catechin that I need to sustain a higher metabolism throughout the day without the hassle of constantly having to be around a place where I could make my tea.

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