“How to lose belly fat?” The Everlasting question.

People have been asking the question of how to lose belly fat, for many years now.

The need for an answer to that daunting question, has created a supply of products that promise to transform your body within 30 days with 5 minutes of working out, with their miracle device or by taking their miracle pill.

If you ever thought that belly fat will vanish effortlessly, somewhat like the way described by the above mentioned manufacturers, then you should start changing your thinking as this is not the case.

Do not worry though, because losing belly fat is not a difficult task either and our purpose with this website is to help you understand that.

The 2 variables that will answer your “how to lose my belly fat” question.

As a first step, everyone should clearly understand that losing fat has 2 variables which make or break any effort. The first is the quality of the workout and the second is the dedication you will bring to this effort. Therefore the variables are:

1. The method.

2. You.

If any of the 2 variables is beyond an acceptable level of efficiency then the effort is going wasted.

If we assume that you found the best quality method (aka efficient workout routines) then the only variable that we have to be concerned of is You.

You will make things happen, you will put in the effort needed and you will be the one to rip the rewards of your hard work.

That said, it never seizes to amaze me how can people, even today on the age of information, tend to show good faith in false promises made by savvy marketers, which throw their way rubbish products believing that these products could substitute effectively the second variable, being themselves.

What should you do?

If someone is really looking to answer the question of how to lose belly fat then the first thing that he / she should understand is that fat loss is a boat with two rows. One row is proper diet and the other row is working out.

If one of the rows is missing the boat starts to make circles, thus never reaching its destination, which, in this occasion, is a fat free new you with a flat belly.

That said, there is also one more thing that you should do, or better yet you should remember.

“Never leave yourself out of the belly fat loss picture.”

Stop putting your faith in worthless products that circulate the internet with false promises.

I hear a question coming my way now….. “ Are all programs worthless?”

Of course not!!

But my main objective is to first inform you on how losing fat works and then you will be more prepared to understand who sells a low value product, before you actually buy them, and if they are even close to offering something that could actually flatten your belly.

Moreover I am convinced that before the end of this page you will have answered yourself the question of how to lose belly fat.

Can we really answer the “how to lose belly fat” question?

We can answer this question.

And the answer is that we cannot burn belly fat, alone. Losing fat from a specific body part, if we workout solely that part, is an ongoing myth for quite some time now and I believe that it is time to clear the mist around this topic once and for all.

Fat Oxidation

It is a fact that everybody tries to use as energy source for their workout efforts, fat cells. That way they would attack excess fat to its source.

Let’s see how does this work.

The primary source of energy for any kind of activity is glucose which is stored in our muscles. Glucose levels are the first to be depleted after a long and intense workout. However studies have shown that there is a zone which is considered as “fat burning zone”. What happens in this zone is that fat oxidizes, which means that fat becomes the primary source of energy during workouts.

This “fat burning zone” according to study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (October 2009 - Volume 23 - Issue 7) lies between a heart rate of 60,2% and 80% of a person’s maximum heart rate. That is the zone in which the maximum rate of fat oxidation is occurring.

There is no study that has ever proved that fat oxidation can occur only in belly fat cells, therefore belly fat loss is a myth that keeps showing up for marketing purposes only.

That said, another study published in Nutrition Journal (2004 Jul-Aug;20(7-8):716-27) states that fat oxidation:

· Increases with running compared to cycling

· Increased by endurance training

· Decreased by the consumption of carbohydrates in the hours before working out

Or on commencing of the workout.

  • Decreases during diets high in fat

Example: If you want to find the right intensity for your workouts then you should calculate it and the do the workout. The calculation is as follows:

220 – [Your age] ( Let’s use the age of thirty for our example 30 = 190)

190 x 60.2% = 114

190 x 80% = 152

This means someone who is thirty years of age would need to measure the intensity of their exercises to lose fat so their heart rate is between 114 and 152 beats per minute throughout the exercise.

How to lose belly fat: The answer

The answer to the question of “how to lose belly fat” is one and it goes like this:

Lower your body fat altogether and you will see belly fat reducing too.

I know that my answer may be a little disappointing; however you should be happy that you finally know that you can actually burn belly fat by losing body fat through quality workouts, proper dieting and sheer determination to succeed in transforming your body as a whole.

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