The Importance Of having a Safe Fat Loss mentality

From what I have observed in the fat loss domain, most people fail to adopt a safe fat loss mentality. Not only that but as we have seen repeatedly seen is that fat loss, very rarely becomes an actual goal for the majority of people who work in the fitness and health domain.

Almost everyone is concentrated in the bits and pieces of how to lose that extra inch or how to lose that extra pound and they forget that the ultimate goal should be the perfect combination of being fit and being healthy.

My belief is that everyone should know what are the dangers behind all the hype in the fitness industry and how they can avoid them whilst reforming and reshaping their bodies.

Having said that, we should understand that our minds should be set to lose the only thing that makes us both unfit and unhealthy. That is FAT.

Now, I know that there are a few experts that do give advices which aim to reduce the body fat percentage but I have seen more often than enough, attempts towards that direction, that are being done with an unsafe way.

Not only do experts tend to forget the true enemy of our bodies’ overall health but we also tend to make spontaneous decisions and follow our momentary desires, like “I want to look great when I go to vacation in two weeks”, or “I want to have the body of Sergio Oliva as soon as possible”.

Usually such requirements lead us to the opposite of a safe fat loss path.The opposite of a safe fat loss path is a path which could jeopardize our overall health (both physically and phsycologically).

Modifying areas of your everyday life, without a plan and without being informed on both the pros and cons of these changes, can be a dangerous process.

What can we do?

Undoubtedly, there are strategies to achieve rapidly a certain weight loss goal but the difference between weight loss and fat loss is this:
Losing weight does not mean that you become healthier. By losing fat you certainly become healthier. In order to lose weight one could try to work out for 5 hours a day and also starve in order to reduce the calorie intake to an absolute minimum. Such behaviors have been reported to cause traumas, injuries, digestive problems, gallstones, heavy depression and psychological disorders, to name a few.

Do not risk your life and stick to slower but healthier ways to lose fat, allowing you to get rid of about 1-2 pounds a week.

Stick to a safe fat loss path.

Let’s see a few statements that are often heard, usually among friends who happen to be on a diet for 5 days and they seem to know everything, or in magazines who use questionable sources for providing serious solutions.

All these are leading our efforts away from a safe fat loss highway:

1.Reduce your calorie intake as much as possible.

2.Workout 5 hours a day..

3.Never indulge yourself with a treat because it will be destructive for your goal.

4.I do not need working out, at all, because I am taking this magic pill which makes all the work for me.

5.I will jumb on the treadmill once a week and I will lose all the fat I want.

6.My goal is to lose 15 pounds in one week.

7.Use the diet I followed and it will work nicely to you too.

Now let’s replace them with new statements which promote safe fat loss efforts:

1.Find your calorie intake threshold and reduce your calorie intake no morethan 500-700 Kcal in order to be losing 1-2 pounds per week.

2.30-45 minutes daily are more than enough for an average person toproduce amazing results in 30 – 90 days.

3.Be strict with your fat burning diet and your fat loss meal plans, but createa system of rewards in order to indulge yourself with a small treat once a week, after achieving your weekly goal.

4.No magic pill can do any kind of work, at least without some sort of sideffects. Don’t take my word for it. Research it and you will find a lot of people have been harmed by the careless use of uncharted, by the FDA, pills.

5.Jumping on the treadmill once a week is not the effort that is needed to produce amazing results. It is surely better than doing nothing. But it will not provide the results you have been dreaming about when you bought your treadmill. In fact, fat loss does not come merely through cardio exercises. It is a common misconception which tricks people into putting only half of the work that needs to be done in order to walk the safe fat loss path.

6.15 pounds a week could happen to a heavily overweight person during the first week of his/her effort. Maintaining such a goal can seriously damage your metabolism and not only provide the opposite result but can also cause several health related issues. Safe fat loss means doable chunks of work for doable results measured on a weekly and NOT on a daily basis. I emphasize this as it is a common mistake to weight ourselves daily and the only outcome is frustration because the scale does not move as fast downwards as we would like it to.

7.A diet should better be personalized in order to fit the individual needs of its user. Following someone else’s diet to the last word can easily be totally ineffective. Surely you can use someone else’s diet and modify it in such a way to match your individual needs and never forget that a healthy, balanced diet, high in proteins, healthy fats and dietary fiber is the best way to safe fat loss as it can provide your body with necessary energy, fire up metabolism and make your body spend fat deposits .

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