How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?

A Weight Loss Plateau is a state anyone who has ever started an honest attempt to transform their body has reached to.

So why is this happening and how can we overcome it?

The answer is fairly simple and it can be restricted to a simple sentence;

Keep Your Body Guessing!

Let me clarify  that a bit.

When I say "keep your body guessing" what I mean is that you should stop being a person of habit when it come to exercise. Suppressing the instinctive urge to form behavioral patterns, called habits, is your best bet against a weight loss plateau.

Plan your way out of the plateau, before it hits you!

When you exercise change your workout routines every 4 to 6 weeks.

Engage in very different activities from time to time in order to make your metabolism wonder what it should now! Create many workout regimens in order to be prepared regarding metabolism confusion!

Plan a 12 week workout schedule and change your weekly routines every 3 weeks.

Really it sounds more difficult than it already is. Take 1/2 an hour to do that and never face a weight loss plateau, ever!

However, apart from this advice there a few other things you could do simultaneously.These are the following:

1. Change exercises to mix things up.

If you are doing simple bicep curls do hammer curls instead.

If you are doing chair dips for your triceps,  do 2 arm dumbbells extensions or 1 arm dumbbell extension or triceps kickback or lying triceps extensions or ....... (you get the point, right?)

2. Change exercise intervals.

If you use breaks between exercises alter the break period. Alternatively you could do 2 or 3 exercise circuits with no break between exercises. After you finish take a 1 minute break.

3. Change intensity.

Alter the weights you are using thus you will alter the intensity.

4. Change your workout regimen completely.

Why stick to one program when there are countless around the internet to choose from. Consider changing every 12 - 16 weeks and apart from the fact that you will make your body guessing on what's coming next you will never be bored!

How about diet?

Nutrition is most likely the culprit to most of weight loss plateaus in the world.

When we say nutrition we mean the daily food intake each of us chooses to put into his body. Usually a plateau is hit as soon as bad nutrition habits creep in the daily diet.

People have the tendency to cut themselves some slack when they start to see a 3-4 pound weight reduction.

Watch Out for such a behavior!

Another thing to consider is that every now and then you need to recalculate your daily food intake in such a way that it reflects your new body composition. I recommend a calorie recalculation every 4 weeks because it provides enough time for someone to see some results due to their effort.

What to do if it insists?

First of all Quitting is NOT an option.

Everyone has faced small delays or even setbacks in their goals. That is not an excuse to quit but a reason to come back even stronger. So how do we deal with that?

1. Carb cycling. It is a method well established and people use it with great success!

2. Check your endocrine system. Your hormones could be imbalanced and even though this is a whole different story, it is still a way you always have to keep in mind.

3. Maybe you have a point called starvation mode. If you have cut back on your calories too much, starvation mode would be a possibility. Increase your daily calorie intake to match the appropriate levels you should have started with in the first place.

4. Get your self some external help by consuming the new supplements that have the ability to do a great deal of things, metabolic wise, with minimal effort!

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