The Basics And Specifics Of A Rapid Fat Loss Diet Plan

By now, you most probably have become aware that by following the, so called, rapid fat loss diet plans such as the Pineapple diet or the Watermelon diet, it is highly unlikely to achieve your fat loss goals.

Why is that?

Because a massive calorie deprivation, which is the way to go of these diets, has the opposite effect than the one needed for losing fat.

It is true that with the above mentioned mono-diets you can lose up to 1 pound a day within the first 5-6 days, however, in addition to your feeling cranky, because of irresistible cravings, starvation and lack of energy, you will also start noticing that the lost pounds are coming back almost immediately after you return to your old eating habits.

What do you do next?

Search for another rapid fat loss diet plan to get you to your dream-body in 5 days.

Does it sound like something many people are doing?

My message to You

If there is a message to be delivered through this webpage to its readers, that would be to stop using questionable dietary practices and find a rapid fat loss diet plan which is based on the solid principle of fat loss rather than simply on that of weight loss.

With extremely low-calorie diets we can expect only temporary success in decreasing our body weight. This decrease comes from retained water, muscle tissue and a very small percentage from fat loss.

As soon as we start eating as we always did, our weight gets back to what it was but the added weight this time is mostly fat. So what happens is we lose muscle tissue and we take back fat.

The above information applies to people independent of their age group. Every human body abides by the same basic principles as far as fat loss and weight loss.

So WHAT has happened so far?

Our weight did not change but our body composition changed to the worse making our metabolism even slower.

WHAT do we need to do?

Instead of tormenting our body and mind with such tough experiments, all we need to do is teach it to start using energy that is stored as fat. That, combined with regular (4-6 times per week) physical exercises and a properly considered rapid fat loss diet, can be a great tool to achieve this goal safely and without adverse side effects.

A great example of a guy who applied everyhting that we have been saying here, under the guidance of a world class nutritional bodybuilder like Tom Venuto, and transformed his body within a timeframe of 49 days, can be found here.

However, there is another option in case you feel like you have tried one too many rapid fat loss diets from various famous trainers or dietitians or even top models.

That option is to create your personal diet plan.

What are the basics for making a personal
diet plan?

The basics you should remember are quite simple.

Your should stick to a sufficient daily calorie intake. Sufficient is a calorie intake that on one hand should be less than your own calorie intake threshold (th eone to preserve your weight steady) but on the other hand it should not have a difference more than 500 calories per day. This way you would be able to provide your body with good amounts of everything it needs such as dietary fiber, proteins , monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

This pretty basic advice is most probably all you will ever need in order to create your very own rapid fat loss diet for a quick but safe fat loss effort which can assist you achieve stable long-term results.

Carb cycling is one of the techniques you can use in order to succeed in your goals.

Another example of a successful technique for rapid results, although I am not a fan of this, is by using meal replacements 2-3 times per day. This technique is acceptable only for a very short period of time in order to teach yourself to have an eating schedule thus creating new eating habits, by breaking the old ones. In that aspect one can use protein shakes or diet shakes, carefully chosen to contain all the basic nutrients needed for a fat loss outcome.

An example of the above mentioned technique is a diet plan for reducing fat which was created and tested in 2000 by a group of scientists led by James Anderson, M.D., a professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. His rapid fat loss diet involves using protein shakes and low calorie meals, focused on consuming as low as 900 calories a day. His group of volunteers used three shakes plus two low calorie meals a day, and over 5 months managed to lose about 65 pounds on average. This is a very interesting and somehow innovative approach created by Dr. Anderson, directed on rapid fat loss followed by further efforts on maintaining the achieved body mass and fat ratio.

Although this example uses an extremely low calorie intake, with which I personally disagree, I am showing it here just to prove that it is a valid technique tested by scientists. However bear in mind that this diet plan was controlled by scientists and the participants had a full scientific guidance throughout the study, as well as after it, in order to try to maintain their results.

Most people do not have that luxury, so they should not go as low as 900 calories per day because they will produce the opposite outcome.

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